Matthew 7:13, Proverbs 6:1-19 Proverbs 24:16 -NRSV

"Therefore you also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an unexpected hour."

Inspiration to love

From temple to tomb, and back again

          Jesus explained not to get angry (Matthew 5, 21-26), but it's much more than that which he was thinking. He goes on to explain about the foundation in which we experience the world (Luke 6, 46-49). What he means is if our time is taken up with love, we'll view the good aspects in life. 

          In the book of Judges, Samson was a very angry man. He took it upon himself to convict and punish the wicked. And, because he used anger as his guide, he was eventually captured and died while tearing down the temple.

          On the other hand, Jesus was a very loving man. He gave every effort to care for and defend the people that needed it. It's true that the temple was destroyed when he was crucified, but when he was risen on the third day, he proved that love can overcome. The temple was then rebuilt on his love.

          What will be the basis by which you justify yourself? Will it be by how many and how great your enemies, or by how great your love?

Many words, few thoughts

A snake seeks to destroy order

Keep your peace

Hold your tongue and don't argue much. Winning the argument means that no one differs from you in their beliefs and their opinions. The war of words will water us down and dilute who we are. Our opinions make us unique. 

Boastful and ignorant

What makes us proud can provoke jealousy. It's okay to be proud, but don't expect others to agree. If they account it as small, you might feel belittled, and quit what gives you the most self esteem. Try not to let your pride bring you to ruin in this way. 

A kind word

Just like the ancient art of kintsugi, words can destroy someone, or build a person. If you've felt bad about something someone said, the good news is that you're never broken, you're just in need of repair. Use your words to speak life into others.  

The external and the eternal

The beauty in chaos

Happiness is internal, not eternal. While madness is external and temporal. Even if the madness arises in you, chose a creative way to express yourself, rather than getting destructive.  Keeping your peace about you is more appealing to others than being right. Try giving a compliment when you're angry. You'll be surprised at peoples reaction when they realize that you're not mad. Exchanging faith for faith we hold up each others hope. Like the sand holds the waves, we must stand firm in our beliefs, and provide support to those who are shaken.

One hand washes the other

Learn to accept good advice. Some of the world's most successful people take advice on a daily basis. Those who recoil at criticism seldom make noteworthy progress in their aspirations. It's no wonder to me so many are quick to reprove one another, as no one is perfect.

Temporal love

Yes, even love is transitory. Give what you can, accept what you're given. Keep it above your most valued possessions. One day, all you may have left would be the memory of what you've loved.

Nature vs nurture

Our nature

It's in our nature to be greedy and selfish. Yet, even the simplest of creatures nurture each other. What is the explanation for this? The short answer is that it's in our nature. 

Nurturing love

All lifeforms on earth nurture others. From the balance of the ecosystem to the parental instinct. It seems love is universal for all life. Some people seem to think being too critical is helping. Don't confuse a demanding attitude for a nurturing instinct.

The passing of knowledge

Whether you've been to college or not, the odds are you've learned something from someone else. Your parents, society, friends, and family have a big part of what we know. Even the animals pass important information to others. Including things like where to fly in the winter, what to eat, what to fear, and how to love. What are you teaching future generations?

Giving in isn't giving up


Obviously the giving of ones life for another is the ultimate sacrifice. But we don't have to die to help. One can simply give their time. Often people confuse charity for giving away money. Actually, the greater gift is your time. Usually, what people walk away with from you is what they're really after. Pay close attention to what it is that people want from you. What we really need is love, not sacrifice. 


Persisting in our obligations can seem overwhelming at times. People need to be reminded time to time why they work so hard. Sometimes, finding enjoyment can be as helpful as resting for endurance. Laughter is the best medicine, even the awkward kind. We're not machines, take a break, stop, and smell the roses.


Patience is not always about putting up with bad behavior. It can be accepting one's self. The number one cause of irritation is believing that something is wrong. We fear criticism for a thing, and give criticism for the same. People learn what is shameful from other people. Be careful not to share your fears of imperfection by criticizing others. If we let up on ourselves, we'll be ending most of our arguments. Being less hypocritical can help lift your spirits too.

The power of imagination

Powerfull thoughts

Powers and nations are like the water on earth. Powers rise, they fall, they join forces to cause destruction, and they gather together. Imagination can be either the most constructive or the most destructive power in the world. When you make what you imagine become a reality, it can build a country or destroy entire worlds. What we imagine is happening around us can have a big sway on what we do. I believe harmful thoughts are usually untrue. At least as far as the deeper truths in life are concerned. Any thought that arises that is uncomfortable or hurtful should be set aside and forgotten. Don't believe every painful thought you have. Instead, listen to those ideas that give you comfort.

Powerful feelings

Have you ever laughed at calamity, and later regretted it? That's because feelings can lie too. In order to be genuinely close to God, one has to actually retrain the way they feel about certain things. It's an incredibly difficult thing to do, and because it's uncomfortable most people never accomplish it. You have to use what you know about the Bible and empathy to reprove yourself and rid yourself of feelings of happiness related to the misfortune of others. 

You live what you've learned

The way people act and what they say is mostly linked to the way that they're treated. We teach others what to think about themselves. Have a high opinion of people and remember what they can be when talking to them. Placing blame can become a 'self fulfilling prophecy'. Don't let your inner turmoil become their eternal struggle. Holding someone to a higher esteem helps them decide to achieve higher goals.

Uncertainly true

Over sensitivity

There's nothing you can do to really know what people are doing when you're gone. Worrying about it only adds to the frustration. No one can ever tell what another is feeling. We may at times have an idea, but the reality is that it's not you. Instead, focus on what you're feeling. Doing this will alleviate the stress of uncertainty. 


Most of the time, what people say from a distance has nothing to do with you. Getting upset at harsh words that were not meant for you is useless. When someone wants to talk to you, they'll usually let you know about it first.

Inconsequential causality

When the mind and body are too responsive, things that are completely harmless can seem harmful. The majority of what angry people sense and react to is seemingly unimportant to others around them. It's this unimportance that we must remember when we're mad.

Final things to consider first

Life is not a test

You're not going to fail life. Life is distinguished from the elements by showing it has a will. The elements have no direction, they simply follow the laws of physics. All lifeforms however are able to nearly defy these laws based on what it wants. What you do today can change tomorrow. Use your will today to make a better tomorrow.

Only you really know what you want

How to get it, I can't answer. It's unfair to all parties involved to expect them to help you reach all your goals. Most of all, it's unfair to you. Success is attained by the clarity of goals and persistence in achieving them. There's no magic genies. Do it yourself.

Have fun

No one is going to have it for you, although I'm sure they're willing to. It's something you do yourself. Don't get jealous when someone is having more fun than you. It's no fun being angry. Stop waiting and go get what you're after.

Connecting the thoughts

Consider every day if the way you use your words is actually what you're trying to express. If you don't know how you feel, you can't even express it to yourself, and much less to others. First, understand what it is you're really feeling. Practice putting it into words in your spare time. People will be amazed when they hear you saying real words. They might actually start listening to you too.

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Nathan is a self proclaimed theologian and scholar. He's committed to self betterment and continuing his education through college and reading. He's gathered this collection of thoughts from reading christian texts, from reflecting about real life scenarios, and observing life while meditating on it. He lives with his wife in Saint Paul, MN.

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